This Blog begins with the genesis of Vantage360 and what this company is about. It’s hard to pinpoint how or when the idea for this business took hold. Really it evolved over time, through diverse experiences, but began to demand my attention after I (finally) stepped onto the top rung of my ladder, in an executive healthcare position with broad responsibility. Indeed I reveled in the leadership and rose to the challenge of shifting a culture and attaining excellence. Yet I couldn’t deny that something else was tugging at me. So I jumped off the ladder into an even bigger challenge – law school. The graduation ceremony and the bar card at the end were expected because I usually accomplish what I set out to do. What wasn’t expected were a hesitancy and lack of clarity about what was next. The professionally acceptable choices were in-house hospital counsel or a law firm partnership track. But I did the unthinkable – I paused. To get to the “what next” question, I first explored and affirmed who I am and what is rewarding to me: I like change and enjoy solving problems. While I’m rational and disciplined, I also take risks and have a curious, adventurous spirit. I intuitively see things as a process intended to achieve a desired outcome. I take great joy in working in a personal way with others and helping them succeed. I’m both a dreamer who sees the big picture and an organizer–planner who is comfortable in the weeds and the minutia. And I think everything can be improved or done better. It became very clear then that the “what next” was following my heart. Vantage360 blends who I am with what I believe about attorney-client relationships and how business should be done. Because problems aren’t neatly labeled “legal” or “business,” we take a holistic approach to problem solving and offer integrated solutions and ideas. And we do this on our terms, with pricing and an approach that reflects our desire to invest in you. That’s what this company is about. You’ll experience something very different here . . . welcome to Vantage360.