What Our Clients Think of Us

Here are just some of the positive things our clients are saying about us.
We’re pleased that our services are such a success and beneficial to so many of our clients and businesses.

As a new entrepreneur, I needed to understand potential conflicts between my job and my business.  But I hadn’t worked with an attorney before and was worried about the cost and overwhelmed by the options. A personal referral brought me to Vantage360.  They listened to my concerns, thoroughly explored my issues, and helped me discover what I needed so I could move forward with clarity.  


I trust Vantage360 … they are approachable and reassuring.  And it felt good to meet in person with someone who clearly explained all the steps and answered my questions along the way.

Vantage360 was pleasant to work with and very organized … they always kept me in the loop.

Dealing with all the business details was a daunting task.  I didn’t know where to start or how to communicate with external agencies.  Laurel helped me handle things, which took a huge burden off my shoulders.  Best of all, she explained everything in a way that I could understand.


The team was available and easy to connect with — my phone calls, texts, and emails were always returned.


We chose Vantage360 to dissolve a business and copyright some material.  But we gained so much more.  After the complex business issues were handled, we received a clear, understandable checklist of things to accomplish, which we talked about in person.  This was critical because we don’t work in the legal field and didn’t want to miss any steps.  We also received a final notebook, fully tabbed and organized.  This is very useful now and will be helpful in the future when we need to find important documents. We’ve never experienced this from an attorney.  We worked with two others in the past who didn’t even come close to this kind of customer service.


Vantage360 has excellent business-law knowledge.  More importantly, they treated me with respect, answered all my questions, and took the time to make sure that I fully understood. It made me very anxious to pay an hourly rate.  So the fixed-price business model was a relief  —     I could plan for the expense and not put my finances at risk.  Vantage360 has integrity, exceptional customer skills, and excellent legal knowledge and experience.  A great experience! 

A satisfied customer

I got all the answers I needed as a business owner!